Camp Lincoln Goats!

I love Camp Lincoln, but my FAVORITE thing I did at Camp Lincoln is… seeing the goats in the nature walk. On the nature walk,
I was partners with my BEST friend lily! The goats were fluffy, and the horns were pointy. Some had no horns! They also like to eat a lot of things that they should not, especially the spiky pine needles.

And if you stick your hand out straight and still, a goat will lick it’s slimy tongue on you! I asked Miss. Birch (The cabin leader), “Can I go in the fence where the goats are?”  She said, “Maybe when we come back.” I said, “Okay.” After the goats,  I walked 30 more minutes until we got to the end of the nature walk.  Our whole class got mint tea when we were at the top of the trail, and it was very steep. Finally when we went down, down, down the hill Miss. Birch said, “Go quick!”  That is when I go to see the goats again. I had so much fun! So I LOVE Camp Lincoln! But my favorite thing I did is seeing the fluffy goats!

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